Project Description


This workshop explores the various components of Theatrical Wardrobe from costume design and construction to dressing. Participants will be taken through the creative process, from initial research and renderings, to the construction of costumes, touching on fabrics, bedazzling, and an introduction to the different members of a costume team. Learn about the intricate choreography that comes with being a Broadway dresser, from presets and quick changes, to managing quick fixes and malfunctions. They will leave with a thorough understanding of costume creation, as well as the different careers available to those interested in the wardrobe world.



Every show has a visual story told through its technical elements. Through the use of set models and props from real Broadway shows, students will gain an insight to the storytelling process through the technical execution of scenic and prop design in a Broadway show. Students will have the opportunity to see props from real Broadway shows and learn how these pieces even simple technical concepts have a big impact of the audience’s overall experience of the show. Students will learn about the collaboration of designer and technician as well as career paths in the theater they may not have known before.



The Stage Management workshop invites students to consider the components of a Broadway musical and the expertise needed to bring all elements together. From the rehearsal process to the smooth daily operation of a long running musical a professional Stage Manager will take participants through the stage manager’s role with the cast, crew and producers. Students will have an opportunity to review the stage manager’s “show bible” and other documents and tools needed to track the cast movement, as well as technical elements such as props, and lighting sound and set cues. Students will gain a deeper insight to what it takes to lead a cast and crew through the paces of a Broadway show.


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Theatre Workshop

About this workshop:

  • Suitable for all experience levels, with an interest in theatre tech
  • Led by a working Broadway crew member
  • Hands-on activities including makeup application, prop creation, and more