Project Description


Group will work with professional actor/teacher on improv and Theatre Games. Students will actively participate during this fast-paced and fun session. After a short warm-up session, students engage in improvisational exercises designed to heighten focus, creativity, quick thinking and sensitivity to others.


Creating fun, educational tours is central to our mission—and workshops are a big part of that.

With all of our workshops, we’re entirely committed to delivering the experience you’re looking for. Our classes are always taught by working Broadway professionals and we can customize these offerings to meet the needs of your student group. This includes:

  • Adjusting the level of instruction to match student abilities
  • Coordinating workshops to the Broadway shows you see
  • Accommodating any special needs for your group
  • Focusing on the interests that are most relevant to your students

Whether you want to book this workshop or want an entirely customized experience, Broadway Life can deliver.

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Theatre Workshop

About this workshop:

  • Suitable for all experience levels
  • Led by a Broadway cast member
  • Q&A with cast member following the improv activity